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Once you register for WITS, you’ll be sent a login from Sched, which you can use to create and manage your own personal schedule. Nothing you add to your personal Sched is binding, and adding something to your Sched does not automatically register you for it. If a session/activity requires pre-registration, it will be noted in its description.

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Amanda Mouttaki is an American writer, blogger, and entrepreneur based in Marrakech. She is the voice behind the popular website MarocMama which inspires readers from all over the world to visit Morocco and broaden their horizons on the country, its traditions, and its cuisine. Amanda also owns Marrakech Food Tours, a company that began with only $50 and grew to a six-figure business in just two years. Her insight to the tourism industry and knowledge of what tourists are seeking has led to partnerships with major domestic and international brands as well as boutique clients throughout the world. By telling her own story and embracing modern marketing methods and channels, Amanda has shown that an active approach toward tourism doesn't just attract more visitors, it makes them fall in love with a destination before they even arrive.