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Madeira Promotion Bureau (Discover Madeira)

Discover Madeira is the consumer-facing brand for The Madeira Promotion Bureau, which aims to promote Madeira as a tourist destination to and the travel trade. Madeira, otherwise known as ‘the islands of eternal spring,’ is in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, between Europe and América. It is 741 square km in size and has a population of 267K. On the same latitude as Morocco, the Atlantic archipelago has a sub-tropical climate and rich volcanic soil. is one of the only places in the planet where banana trees grow next to vineyardsMadeira has a unique eco-system and. In 1999 the archipelago was named A UNESCO World Heritage Site and five areas have been declared nature reserves. The Madeira Nature Reserve covers a substantial two thirds of the main island, where development is prohibited. Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram and check out madeiraallyear.com/blog to learn more about our fantastic destination.